As the holidays are in full swing, many of us want to include our furry family members in the gift-giving process. With so many pet products on the market, it is important to select items that are both safe and engaging for your pet. At West Delray Veterinary, we have made it easy for you and compiled a list of pet gift recommendations from our very own veterinarians so you can find the perfect gift for your fur baby! The following are gift ideas for your cat and dog that would not only be perfect for the holidays but for any time you want to spoil your pet!

Dr. Sherman’s Recommendations:

Cat Feeder
  • For Cats: Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder
    • An indoor hunting cat feeder will help keep your cat entertained while incorporating enrichment into their feeding time!
    • This Indoor Cat Feeder is a great option as it includes 3 interactive feeders that allow cats to hunt for small portions of food, twice a day. It is also very easy to use, you just simply scoop your cat’s food into the mice!
snuffle mat
  • For Dogs: Snuffle Mat
    • A snuffle mat mimics hunting for food in grass and fields, so it fulfills your dog’s hunting instinct. It will help keep your dog busy and distracted for long periods of time while also enriching their feedings.
    • This snuffle mat is a great option as it comes in multiple colors and sizes and would work perfectly to hide treats for retrieval.

Dr. Magram’s Recommendations:

snuffle mat
  • For Cats: Puzzle Toy
    • A puzzle toy makes an excellent gift for a cat because it can help keep their mind stimulated while fulfilling their natural hunting” and “foraging” instincts. It can also help slow down your cat’s eating habits!
    • This cat puzzle is a great option because it contains 14 hidden treat compartments and there are no removable parts that could become a choking hazard.
snuffle mat
  • For Dogs: Kong Toys
    • A Kong toy makes an excellent gift for your pet! You can fill a kong with your fur babies’ favorite treats like peanut butter, for the perfect distraction. The best part of a kong is that they are soft enough to where they won’t cause a fractured tooth like antlers and other hard bones can!
    •  This kong comes in three sizes; small, medium and large, so it is perfect for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Dr. Patterson’s Recommendations:

snuffle mat
  • For Cats: Eight Track Cat Toy
    • An eight track cat toy helps to keep your cat mentally stimulated and engaged while also encouraging them to get some physical activity for the day.
    • This eight track cat toy is a great option because it contains two rattle balls that roll to fulfill your cat’s natural hunting instincts. It also has a fluffy tail to encourage pouncing and a feather plume tower attachement that gives your cat an extra element of pounce and excitement.
snuffle mat
  • For Dogs: Kong Flyer Dog Toy
    • A kong flyer is a great way for your dog to stay active and play fetch with a soft-rubbery material that will not harm their teeth.
    • This flyer comes in two different sizes, large and small to fit every dog’s needs. The material of this flyer is soft and flexible, so it is will be gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums!

Dr. Thomas’ Recommendations:

snuffle mat
  • For Cats: Hiding Box or Cat House
    • A hiding box or cat house would be an amazing gift option for any feline! Both “up” and “down cats would love a good hiding box or cat house where they can have their own private space to nap. However, if you have more of an “up” cat, try placing the hiding box on a shelf or finding a kitty condo that gives them a safe space to nap from above the ground!
    • This cardboard cathouse gives your cat a private hideaway to scratch, nap, or relax! There are so many different cat house options but this one would fit into the décor of anyone’s house as it looks like an adorable succulent plant!
snuffle mat
  • For Dogs: The gift of time!
    • We often get caught up in materialistic things and forget that the gift of time is the best gift of all! With the cooler weather, take your dog out for more walks so they can get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors. The quality time will really bond you with your fur baby!
We hope your pet has a blast with their new gift and wish you and your fur baby a very happy holiday from the team at West Delray Veterinary!

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