Pet Health Insurance

Pet insurance provides pet owners with financial security to assist with veterinary costs. This is most important when a pet is sick or injured and requires unexpected veterinary care. Similar to human health insurance, the policyholder pays a monthly fee, which varies based on the insurance company provider, policy choice, and your pet’s specific age and breed.

Since all insurance companies do not cover pre-existing conditions, the best time to enroll your pet in an insurance plan is when they are young and healthy. Insurance enrollment for a middle-aged or senior pet can still be beneficial, but monthly payments may be higher, and any previous medical condition will be considered pre-existing.

Comparing Insurance Companies

Choosing the right company specific to your pets needs and information is important. Pawlicy and Pet Insurance Review are two resources you can use to learn about the many pet insurance companies.


  • Provides a quote and insurance company cost comparison on select insurance companies
  • Can sign up for a policy directly on the website

Pet Insurance Review

  • Provides a quote and comprehensive review of over 25 pet insurance companies.

Popular Insurance Companies

ASPCA Insurance

  • Emergency and illness plans, can add on a preventative care plan
  • Does not cover alternative treatments, wellness visits, prescription diets and supplements
  • 90% coverage

Embrace Pet Insurance

  • Accident, emergency and illness coverage
  • Offers a wellness/preventative care plan

Healthy Paws

  • Covers alternative treatment and supplements, does not cover preventative care
  • No caps on claim payouts
  • They offer a direct pay option for larger costs/major surgeries – must be initiated by the policyholder

Nationwide Pet Insurance

  • Different plan options – some may cover wellness (preventive care) and some are just accident, emergency and illness

Pets Best Insurance

  • They offer both wellness and accident insurance


  • Accident, emergency and illness coverage.
  • Covers medication, supplements and prosthetic devices
  • Does not cover wellness, vaccines, preventatives, etc.

** Trupanion is the only insurance company that is integrated with our system. Using Trupanion Express, West Delray Veterinary is able to receive payments directly from Trupanion and the policyholder is responsible for the remaining balance.


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