Meet Charlie,

Charlie is a 7-year-old spayed female Husky Mix Dog. She presented in July of 2021 for chronic, intermittent right hind limb lameness. Based on her physical exam findings and radiographic changes, Charlie was diagnosed with a suspected partial ACL rupture. ACL ruptures in dogs are typically fixed with surgery. However, Charlie’s owners wanted to do everything they could to avoid surgical intervention. In certain cases, partial ACL injuries can be managed through a conservative approach with physical therapy and nutritional support. As a comprehensive integrative veterinary practice, we were able to develop an individualized, conservative management treatment plan for Charlie that resonated well with her family.

In order to improve Charlie’s comfort and strength, Dr. Block mapped out a rehabilitation plan consisting of hydrotherapy, laser therapy, therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, and daily at home exercises. We implemented activity restrictions at home and started Charlie on a weight loss plan. We took an integrative approach to her pain management through complimenting conventional medications with herbs and nutraceuticals.


Hydrotherapy sessions work to encourage Charlie’s strength and movement without putting too much strain on her joints.


Laser Therapy helps to improve Charlie’s tissue healing and blood flow while decreasing pain and inflammation.

Therapeutic Exercises

Charlie performs therapeutic exercises like sit-to-stands and cavalettis to build strength and promote normal function.

After 5 weeks of therapy, Charlie’s lameness improved. Charlie’s owners believe that the treatment plan has greatly enhanced her mobility and comfort. As she continues to improve, our goal for her is to be able to resume her normal level of activity without any pain or lameness. Currently, Charlie’s owners are very relieved that we have helped her avoid surgery and will continue working with Charlie to help her live her best life!

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