This Pet Dental Health Awareness Month, we asked the West Delray Vet Veterinarians one very helpful question, “What is your favorite dental hygiene tip for pets?”

Dr. Jonathan Block:
I recommend taking a diversified preventive care approach, brush or use dental wipes regularly a few times a week. Add in a safe, well-tolerated dental chew or treat and/or a water additive. Lastly, clean your pet’s teeth when early tartar accumulates. Do not wait for periodontal disease to develop. Ask your vet, “Is it time for a dental cleaning?’ Advocate for your pet’s dental (and overall) health!

Dr. Dana Sherman:
My favorite dental hygiene tip is to brush your pet’s teeth daily with pet friendly tooth paste and a tooth brush. It is a great way to help slow down progression of dental disease, and some pets even like the tasty flavor of the tooth paste!

Dr. Stephanie Magram:
My favorite dental hygiene tip is, senior pets need dental care too! We see many senior pets with advanced dental disease. While anesthesia in older pets can be scary, age is not a disease! We are able to make sure your senior pet is healthy for anesthesia with preoperative blood work and heart screening and tailor an anesthetic plan that is unique for your pet. One thing that can also help is to start with routine dental cleanings when your pet is younger to help minimize the need for lengthy procedures with extractions when they become seniors!

Dr. Nicole Patterson:
I like recommending dental wipes 3 to 4 times a week or brushing your pet’s teeth. These treats also work well for helping to prevent tartar and plaque buildup. Regular deep cleanings when there is minimal tartar is also very important to help prevent advanced periodontal disease.

Dr. Melanie Thomas:
My favorite dental hygiene tip is that we as pet owners should not be relying on dental chews. Dental chews only help that patient where they chew that chew, which is in the back of the mouth. We are missing so many teeth when we rely only on dental chews. So, you should be brushing your pet’s teeth daily with a toothbrush or dental wipes, there are also water additives that you can use. Dental chews are a part of dental care, but if they are the only part, then we are doing a disservice to that patient!

Here at West Delray Veterinary, we value preventative dental care for our patients.  Did you know that dental disease can affect vital organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys? Additionally, dental disease can be painful and affect a pet’s quality of life.

Dental health is an essential part of overall pet health. Preventative dental care includes professional anesthetic dental cleanings, brushing the teeth, dental chews, oral rinses and/or water additives. We encourage all of our clients to take the time this month to evaluate their pet’s oral health care plan.

If you are located in the Delray Beach, Boca Raton, and Boynton Beach areas, you can always contact the team at West Delray Veterinary at 561-777-7173, or email us at or visit our website at to schedule an appointment for a general physical and oral examination to discuss the oral health care plan for your pet!