Meet Argos,

Argos is a 10-year-old male neutered Terrier mix who presented to West Delray Veterinary for a progressive lameness and pain in his left hind leg. Argos had surgery several months prior to correct an injury and instability in the knee. It was determined that removal of the surgical implants was needed to help improve his quality of life. Since Argos was non-weight bearing for a long period of time, he developed severe loss of muscle mass of the left rear leg.

To help alleviate some of Argos’ pain, the rehabilitation team at West Delray Veterinary introduced several modalities including therapeutic ultrasound, which uses sound waves to increase circulation to the tissues and improve flexibility.

They also performed laser therapy to help reduce pain and inflammation.
Massage, range of motion, and gentle weight bearing exercises were incorporated to help retrain Argos to use the affected limb.

Therapeutic Massage

Elevated Standing

Pain medications and nutraceuticals were also an essential component of his therapy plan. Pain medications not only improve comfort and weight bearing, but also make the patient more tolerant of the treatments to help improve mobility.

Argos recently underwent another surgery to correct the stability of his knee and is expected to make a full recovery very soon!
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