At West Delray Veterinary, we make every effort to go above and beyond for each and every patient and client. We believe that integrative medicine — the practice of complementing conventional medicine with alternative therapies — improves our ability to meet our clients’ and patients’ individual needs, and yields better therapeutic outcome. If you are seeking an alternative approach to tackling your fur babies’ pain, we offer several different modalities to improve your pet’s comfort and  mobility. 


Laser Therapy uses light to target specific cells that aid in decreasing pain, decreasing inflammation, and promoting tissue healing. Laser is often used in animals recovering from surgery, arthritis, tissue injuries, or neurological conditions.





Thermotherapy; heat, and cryotherapy application are ancient forms of healing. They both can be used interchangeably for post-operative recovery, arthritis, and soft tissue injuries. Heat promotes vasodilation, improving blood to an area that reduces muscle spasms while decreasing pain and improving flexibility.




Soft Tissue Manipulation, also known as massage, improves circulation and delivers nutrients and oxygen to the tissues that are essential for healing. Many animals experience compensatory muscle tightness or spasms secondary to an injury, arthritis, or neurologic dysfunction. Massage benefits all pets and can also help animals suffering from anxiety.




Electrotherapy uses a low electrical current to promote muscle contraction or inhibit pain sensation. TENS targets the sensory pain fibers, inhibiting pain signals. Common conditions such as arthritis, IVDD, soft tissue injuries, or postoperative procedures benefit from TENS therapy. E-Stim or NMES targets the motor neurons re-educating the muscle fibers to reduce atrophy. Common conditions such as post-operative recoveries, arthritis, IVDD, DM, and other neuromuscular disorders benefit from E-Stim.



Therapeutic Ultrasound uses sound waves that heat up soft tissue to promote circulation, break up adhesions, and improve flexibility. Therapeutic Ultrasound can improve joint range of motion by reducing adhesions within the joint. 





Therapeutic Exercise is essential to regain functional mobility. Therapeutic Exercise targets specific muscle groups focusing on strengthening, balance, coordination, and proprioception. Pets recovering from surgery, experiencing soft tissue injuries, or experiencing muscle weakness secondary to arthritis or neurological disorders benefit from therapeutic Exercise. Therapeutic Exercise also helps improve endurance and cardiovascular fitness and is beneficial for animals training for sports or experiencing sports-related injuries.




Manual Therapy, such as joint mobilizations, passive range of motion, stretching, and musculoskeletal adjustments, helps to decrease adhesions and improve flexibility. Many animals benefit from manual therapy to improve overall functional mobility, especially animals suffering from arthritis or recovering from surgery.




Acupuncture is the insertion of small needles on specific points throughout the body that causes a physiologic response. Acupuncture is often used for chronic pain management as it simulates the body’s natural endorphins and promotes healing. Acupuncture is beneficial in pets experiencing pain from arthritis, soft tissue injuries, nerve pain, or post-operative injuries.



If you think your pet is experiencing any pain or discomfort and would like to take an integrative approach to pain management, you can schedule a rehabilitation consult with one of our pain management specialists!

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